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Avant Garde is more creative and unrivalled by other landscaping companies with our many years of construction services around Victoria BC. We are a company that has a passion for going out every day to design and build concepts for some really great clients who appreciate our attention to detail and trust us to do outstanding and beautiful results for them. No matter what your visions are, we will go above and beyond to create your dreams for you. Our team thrive on creativity and a good design challenge.

Welcome to our website and we hope that we are the right fit for your needs.

Serving Greater Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt, View Royal, Oak Bay, Ten Mile Point, James Bay, Cordova Bay, Maplewood.

avant garde landscaping companies victoria bc

Original Designs

Let our designers transform your outdoor living space into the Victoria, BC home you have always dreamed of.

avant garde landscaping company victoria bc

Quality Hardscapes

Our staff offer a wide range of hardscaping options from driveway widening, walkway/patio installs, flagstone, paving stone.

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Beautiful Gardens

Whether you have a small courtyard in the city or a large open space in the country. Let us help you to create an oasis of trees, shrubs and lawn to enhance your home.

Reviews from our clients about their landscapes

By working with homeowners through out the City of Victoria area, we have been lucky enough to receive some great reviews and testimonials, below are a few that show how clients have enjoyed their experience with our company and the professional interactions and results they have in their gardens.

I met this company by living next door to a large project they had been constructing. I was able to get to know him on a weekly basis. He is very professional and seemed to really care about his clients and the end product. he was prompt and had reasonable quotes. They were very pleased and so i contacted them to come and spruce up my yard. I would highly recommend this unique and creative company.

T. Eklund / View Royal, BC

Avant Garde  planned and provided practical advice on all facets of the project from stonewalls and shrub-beds through to plants, irrigation and lighting. They executed all tasks in a highly professional manner with meticulous attention to detail. I am very comfortable and pleased with the results.

G.E Mcgregor / Saanich, BC

I hired Avant Garde in the City of Victoria, BC to complete my backyard walkways, brick edging, flower beds and deck repair. They provided a prompt quote, started the project immediately and worked continuously until the job was complete. I appreciate how conscientious they were and how they took pride in their projects. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!

A Gravelle / Langford, BC

Okay, so you have a project that needs to be done. It involves brick and stone, a gate, some trees and sod replacement. But, you are nervous about who to call. We have all heard the horror stories about other people getting abused regarding pricing and craftmanship. I need to tell you there is a professional contractor who will treat you fair and provide quality service. Their quote was fair and concise compared to other estimates, and it involved a more creative concept.

Call this company, you wont be disappointed!

B & L Luft / Oak Bay, BC

We recently had Avant Gardeat our property to update our yard and they provided some awesome results. They understood our vision from the beginning and came up with a wonderful plan. The design incorporated all of our requests and needs. The installation went very well and the professionalism and attention to detail was one of kind. Great job, Avant Garde Landscaping, and thank you very much, we will be recommending your company to all our friends for a long time to come.

D Webster / Victoria, BC

I am very pleased to recommend AGL to anyone who is looking for help with a design or upgrade of their landscape. Our yard was a jungle and by careful pruning and shaping, showed us that our garden was bigger and more space than we’d imagined. What was once an unruly sea of overgrown shrubs,a tidy collection of flower beds with a fantastic brick pathway, seating area next to a small water feature. We are delighted with the result. Thankyou so much for all your efforts.

L & B McConnell / Victoria, BC

Having recently moved into our property, we wanted someone to come in and tidy up the garden front and back. Our property had been vacant for while and was very overgrown and out of control. My son recommended we contact Avant Garde Landscapes, as he had used them previously and was very pleased with their results. We contacted them to ask for a quote. Phil came round and met with us to discuss our vision of exactly what we wanted. He offered some ideas and solutions as well, to make our concept better. The plan they showed us was clear and concise, and the quote was very detailed with breakdowns for each part of the project. When they started the project, they worked extremely hard and were very professional and knowledgable. They cleaned up at the end of each day, leaving the jobsite clean and tidy for our dog. Phil gave us updates regularly as to what was happening. We have been more than pleased with the landscape they have refreshed for us. The change to the property has been a total transformation to when we moved in. If you’re looking for a landscape makeover, i would have no hesitation in recommending Avant Garde and their staff.

R Clarke / Saanich, BC

Our property needed 180ft of fencing for our garden as well as gates on both sides of the house. We got a few quotes from a couple of landscape companies and decided on Avant Garde for the project. How pleased I am that we did …. The level of detail that Phil brought to the project was literally incredible. Very professional, enthusiatic, and friendly – nothing was too much trouble. Will definitely use them again in the future and will recommend to anyone looking for a landscaper. We are very happy with the project they have done. Well done guys.

M Wiebe / Victoria, BC

We recently needed a Victoria, BC based landscaper to give us a quote on our rental property. It wasn’t anything major, just repairing some pavers, fixing irrigation and adding some fence panels. We called Avant Garde, and found them to be friendly, prompt, professional and knowledgeable. When they sent us the quote, it was affordable with a detailed breakdown.

The work they did was the same, they were professional, and as the job progressed there were no hidden surprises. We would definitely recommend them to our friends and neighbor’s.

Thanks Avant Garde Landscapes, it was a pleasure to have you come to our home.

R. Oliver / James Bay, BC

Phil and his team have done an amazing job. They designed and built exactly what we were looking for our new garden. After meeting with him, he talking us through each decision, offering advice and solutions to every corner of our property. He organized everything and used the right people and materials to make sure the end result was perfect, such an attention to detail. The result is better than we ever could have imagined. Thanks Avant Garde landscapes for all your hard work”

A Davis / Victoria, BC

Once we decided to do a complete makeover of our back garden, we searchd through the internet looking for the most suitable Landscape Designer to create our concept. Avant Garde’s website stood out and after a bit of research we decided the Phil and his team were the right fit for us. They created a fabulous design and their attention to detail was second to none. They were great to work with and very professional from start to finish. We would highly recommend Avant Garde’s services to friends and family

W Bennett / Victoria, BC

We contacted Avant Garde to look at the landscape potential for our new property because we knew they offered custom landscape designs that worked well with our style of home. The design they produced complimented the overall scheme, on many different levels, from the patios and walkways, right down to the plants and landscape lighting. They brought some great ideas to the project and It was a pleasure to work with Avant Garde

J White / View Royal, BC

How to choose the right Landscaping company for you

When it comes to finding a contractor in Victoria BC, this can be harder than it sounds.  Just searching online alone will give you around 350,000 results. Trying to navigate through the minefield of web sites that all have fancy pictures along with well-worded text, only leaves you more confused. Every company that you see, seems as good as the last, and there is alot of competition

What is the answer?

Firstly it is important to know what you’re asking for in a service provider so you can use that criteria to find someone. 

One way is to take a walk around your local neighborhood to see what your options are and what local contractors are providing.  By doing this, you can see what level of quality, different people provide. 

Things to check out for (click to open):


Does it slope away from the house?

  • Any hard surface should always be sloped away from the house as you don’t want surface water sitting up against your foundation.

                Are there any low points?

  • Low points in brick can mean puddles in wet weather and ice patches in winter.
  • If its an old patio/walkway, it could mean poor prep or installation techniques.
  • Driveways can give a telltale sign, which is sunken tracks where the tyres of the vehicle enter the garage everyday. Another sign of poor construction techniques

Is it all green?

  • Lawns with yellow or brown spots in them usually mean two things, either theres not enough soil under the turf or there’s poor or no irrigation.

 Is it graded nicely?

  • Hollows and low points aren’t easy to mow and visually don’t look too nice. You don’t want a lawn that you dread to cut each week.

Planting Beds
  •  Beds that are mounded high usually mean they were too lazy to dig them out to add good soil, as its quicker to mound on top of the existing sub-grade.
  • Higher mounded beds make watering plants tough as the water just wants to run away.
  • Dead plants are a good give away. This can be number of reasons; poor planting techniques, poor irrigation, poor soil or disease.
  • Mulch doesn’t like to stay on steep sloped surfaces.

Are the heads equal distance apart?

  • From a distance it can be hard to tell if an irrigation system is built well or not
  • Dead or dying plants and shrubs are a good telltale sign
  • Brown spot on the lawn are also signs of poor heads spacing

‘Over’ or ‘under’ watering?

  • If the beds smell ‘marshy’ and your foot sinks into the lawn, then it’s a good sign of over watering
  • Plants wilting and a brown lawn are signs of a drought
  • A river of water in the gutter is another great sign of over watering. No one wants to pay to waste water, even less for a landscaper to waste your water
Retaining Walls

Are they sinking or pushing out?

  • If the base isn’t prepped properly, then retaining walls have a tendency to sink
  • Walls without drainage can sometimes push out and crack due to hydrostatic pressure
  • Depending on the type, some garden walls should also lean back by a certain percentage to help deal with pressure

Is there any good quality soil?

  • Turf installed on no topsoil or poor quality top soil will show signs of stress very quickly.
  • Is the lawn ‘spongy’ or very thin/thatchy. A good sign of loam
  • Plants will remain small or have a hard time growing if the ground doesn’t provide them with enough nutrients.
  • High clay content doesn’t take water very easily. This makes watering plants a problem.
  • Good high quality topsoil can be the difference between a sick or a healthy landscape.

Mulch is decorative as well as functional

  • It can help to reduce weeds (as long as you stay on top of it)
  • Fabric under mulch doesn’t work! Mulch should be topped up every few years  and turned over every few months. Fabric makes this hard. Also when you are looking to do a top up, turning the old mulch into the soil can help boost the soil for the plants. With Fabric under the mulch,  it makes it impossible to do.
  • Mulch won’t stay in place with fabric, and it doesn’t take long after the initial installation, for the fabric to show through and make the bed look untidy.

These are just a few pointers to check when looking at a contractor handiwork. If they claim to be professionals, then none of these issues should be occurring.

Of course, the other way  to ‘vet’ a landscaping company is through reviews and testimonials. Reviews can be a good indication of other peoples experiences with the people in question.  It’s definitely a good idea to ask them to give you reference’s, so that you can talk to them first. We can also take you on a walk round of one of our previous work, so you can get a firsthand experience of the quality we provide, as well as talk to that homeowner.

A good landscaping company should have nothing to hide.

Many people will tell you that a company with a cheaper quote should not be considered. This is usually true, unfortunately living in a city where everything is subject to the ‘Island’ Tax, I would look at what they do, before throwing them out.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies will charge you a fortune and still give you a very below average result.  The focus is now about getting the job done quicker and not necessarily  done right.

Asking them ‘how’ they construct their products , maybe getting a demonstration,  should be another way to weed out poor quality as well. 

As a homeowner already paying a premium for services, don’t you at least deserve to have it done right, and for that matter ONCE!

Just because more and more products around us are becoming a throw away commodity, does that mean landscaping should join it.

What makes us the premium choice?

Our Victoria BC staff offer more than just being a design and build company. We like to offer a unique experience for all our clients. We take time to understand each of our clients requirements and with the high level of knowledge, insight and experience, are able to construct a unique design concept that works for all your needs today and many years to come.

This level of personalized service sets us above and apart from other contractors around Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island. Our main focus is to provide you with a result that not only provides you with what you need, but also works on a day to day basis for maintenance.

How can we help you?

Along with this, we also provide our clients with the guidance of explaining the pros and/or cons to construction techniques we use. By working closely with you, we have found that you will come away with a better understanding and education of how the concept was built and how it functions, along with the benefits and longevity that provides for you as a homeowner.

Premium Services that our landscaping company offers:



Creating quality results and relationships with every homeowner we connect with.


Building a better future for the community we are part of.


Delivering on the promises we make to our customers and fellow contractors.

The owner of Avant Garde in Victoria BC, Phil has been working in the industry for nearly two decades, he has worked in installations and renovations, maintenance and mowing. With these experiences, he has gained a good understanding of quality and creative installation techniques, coupled with creating ideas and the best maintenance aspects relating to your new design.

Professional Quality at an affordable price

We only install concepts with the best products available in the industry, whilst maintaining a competitive price point. This means offering you the best quality package without being more expensive than our competitors. In fact some of a clients have said we are actually slightly cheaper and more creative.

Landscape Irrigation Services:


If you’re experiencing issues with an existing sprinkler system, or have been considering a new installation, be sure to give the our professional experts a call.


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Professional Results provided by



In addition to our Professional installations, we also offer;


We have professional staff that are certified irrigation tech’s, which allows us to provide you with a beautiful lush lawn, and the vibrant and stunning flower beds for you to enjoy.


Fed up with your existing yard, and overwhelmed with the excessive foliage you have. We love to visit and get those beds cleaned up and a pleasure to see again. Not all projects have to break the bank , a small plant renovation can often bring the home back to feeling new and exciting again.


Walkways looking sad and run down , or have sunken and cracked driveway. Our hardscapers offer some of the best results available, when it comes to paver installs. We have built walkways and patios that are over a decade old and are still looking as great as the day we installed them.


Looking to illuminate your beautiful yard and home at night, or better still, sit out and relax in the evening alone or entertain friends. Our lighting solutions are designed to give you the best results.

We offers services in the following areas around Victoria BC: