Design your unique and original West Coast Landscape

Creating a high quality landscape on the West Coast starts with a unique landscape design. The first step is to meet and discuss what you are looking for, so we can get a detailed idea of the landscape concept you have in mind..

After our initial landscape meeting, we then create computer-generated drawings. These include the positioning of pathways, driveways, patios, planting beds & retaining walls etc. With this drawing we are able to give you a visual representation of the concept before we even start building.

By designing a drawing, we are able to portray our concept to you. It also gives us the chance to iron out any detail 'wrinkles' and see how everything fits with your budget.

How much does a consultation and design cost on the West Coast?

Our consultations usually last around 1.5 - 2.0 hours and are $85. Our Design concepts start at $300 (and up) depending on size of the project and complexity of the design.

Understand the Landscape Design Process:

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STEP 1: On-site Consultation

Start with an initial Meet and Greet, then go onto discussing all areas of your concept. Go through the design to see if theres any way we can make it better. Provide proof of who we are and what we do, photos, previous designs etc. Decide if this is what both parties want and then move on to Step 2.

STEP 2: Concept Discussion

Arrange second meeting to show design Paper copy. Consider obstacles, requirements, new ideas, additional options and choice of materials. Show breakdown of Contract, payment options and warrenties, then agree on a date to start design installation.

STEP 3: Design Installation

Mark ot utilities or call in utility companies, then string out property lines. Installation of design concept.Keep constant communication on progress and any issues as they occur.

STEP 4: Installation Completion

Make sure the finishing details are all completed. Walkthrough new design with clients, to explain how everything functionsas well as answer any questions on lighting and irrigation etc.

With this process, we are able to keep you included every step of the way. By doing this, once we are finished you have all the knowledge and tools to look after the completed landscape design yourself. We will give you a detailed walk through of how the irrigation clock and lighting package works, so you can control your new landscape at the push of a button.

Designs and concepts from previous clients.