Classic landscapes that make neighbors jealous

Become the envy of the neighborhood with a classic Avant Garde Landscape

Here are some of the great classic landscape concepts from our company over the years. When you have such awesome clients that appreciate quality, you always strive to achieve the best possible results for them.

What makes for classic landscapes?

People are starting to see that the landscape is not something separate from their house they want there to be flow from the inside to the outside . People are doing more entertaining outside which means that looking for hard surface is like walking paths and patios. It’s a generational thing. People have more leisure time than they did before. They’ve decided to build their big home here on Vancouver Island and they want to really enjoy it , so the yard is being viewed as an extension of the residence, which is where our landscaping company comes in

Water features play a big part in landscape design and it is always a challenge to come up with new ways of incorporating this element into a plan . It’s ironic in a way because just as today’s eco friendly world has become conscious of water consumption , the faucet is on full force to add at least the sound of water to the landscape. If not a sophisticated irrigation system as well 

People are looking for fountains, River rock landscapes and dry Creek beds running through the properties . There’s just something about the backdrop sound of moving or trickling water that attracts people . It’s also true that while we live in a part of the province where water means everything, not everyone enjoys an oceanfront property . A water feature brings that element in to the home and elevates the outdoor experience . 

Running a very close second to water is fire , in the form of a fireplaces , barbecues and somewhere to cook the perfect outdoor meal . Companies are building outdoor kitchens because homeowners want more than just a barbeque , they want outdoor ovens and stoves and they want to do it all under a covered deck . Sometimes we have to educate people about the difference between outdoor and indoor kitchens . To start, many people believe that an overhang is sufficient to protect the kitchen from moisture . this is not so. Careful planning has to go into any outdoor kitchen to make it functional and safe while keeping the longevity

As with outdoor kitchens the same has to be said for outdoor furniture. Furniture has become more sophisticated in the past ten years. Outdoor patio sets are no long made of just plastic or wood, many are made with fabrics which are designed to be waterproof and comfortable, in a large variety of styles.

Another outdoor trend is garden sculptures. Its all about creating depth, visual interest and even layers. A sculpture draws the eye and can even act as a point of meditation, like a Buddha statue for example.

Outdoor lighting is now also considered a sculpture, using light to provide highlights and features of items as well as the fixture itself.

The fact is that people are looking to create a sanctuary in their landscape which is more along the lines of a retreat. Ultimately  the aim in outdoor living is to create an experience where the space expands naturally as part of the home. Gone are the days of hard lines and in some cases, even the fences. Where English gardens have often been the explosion of colour and texture designed to create a cultivated ‘wild’ look. North American landscapes have always lent more towards keeping their gardens controlled. Fences run predictably along straight lines. The preferred ground cover is grass for lawn, and where ever possibleyard after yard of flat cricket lawn style turf.

In Canada, we have to contend with the heat abit more often, and that’s where ther architectural landscaping come in to play, such as woodstructures and pergolas. They make a great play to relax in the shade on a hot day.  OF course with sitting out enjoying the nice weather, as well as shade, comes another important aspect of any landscape, which is privacy.

Designing a landscape so that it has its different elements is key to any good concept, but its also good to create visual breaks so you get small visual surprise instead of taking everything in at once. Softening a patio with different sized and shaped shrubs, gives many different aspects but the best one has to be privacy from the neighbors.