Eye Catching Natural stone for paving and patio’s

Natural stone around your Victoria BC home

Natural stone incorporated into paving or a patio can enhance any Victoria, BC landscape. The natural shapes and colours of natural stone can be very eye catching against the hues and tones from the rest of the landscape.

Whilst natural stone can often be one of the most expensive materials in a landscape, the finished look can be so satisfying and much nicer that some of the other paving products on the market like pavers or concrete for a small seating area, or walkway.

Another great use for natural stone, is stepping stones through a lawn or planting bed, leading to a patio or walkway.

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Safety tips for working with stone

  • Wear steel toed boots, especially if youre working with large stone boulders
  • Make sure you put on safety eyewear and a mask when cutting any kind of natural stone. Also wear it if you are going to chisel or break rocks, and be aware of people and windows around you.
  • Use a tool bag or pouch for carrying tools around such as hammers, chisels etc and keep pry bars and shovel out of walking paths so as not trip over them while walking and working.
  • Know the limits of your tools, and make sure you use the right tools for the task at hand.
  • Know your own limits and make sure if youre working with large boulders to use the correct machinery or get help when required.

Patio and Walkway Design

Patio’s and walkways can define or create space. For example, a walkway that goes from the driveway to the house can create a planting area between the walkway and the house.

The surface quality and overall dimensions of a path or walkway affect its usefulness, so its important to think about the primary use of this hardscape before starting to build. Other things to think about , like who is using the walkways, often they need to accomodate a mower and a garbage bin. Its usual to find a walkway to be a minimu of two foot six wide unless you need to consider wheelchair access also.

Compliment your other garden features

Natural Stone walkways and patios can compliment other hardscapes around your yard also, such as fances, steps, The material on the side of the house, feature stones.

Always take into account maintenance and daily use when considering your natural stone walkways. As a rule, we try to avoid doing natural stone around pools and hot tubs, as people tend to have wet bare feet, and the stone is usually sharp on the edges. keeping safety in mind is must when using any kind of stone as a hardscape. Another consideration, is women with high heels, table and chairs, as these tend to prefer smooth flatter surface that natural stone doesn’t lend it self to.

Moss and lichens tend to come with natural stone making it harder to stay on top of maintenance of this type of product, so keep that in mind when choosing this type of product. If this isnt something your prefr then maybe consider paving stone, also a cleaner, smoother and lower maintenance option.

Edging for your walkways and patios

It is often a good idea to keep some form of edging around your hardscape. The benefits of this, are that the edging tends to keep the material under the natural stone, as well as hold the stones in place. There are several options, but our prefered option is to use a bead of mortar, as it tends to stand up to weather, traffic and time. You ca also use wood or plastic edging if you prefer. When thinking about edging, dont forget to chek into colours as you want it to tie in nicely with the rest of the products you have chosen.

Think about Slope

Your patio or walkway can follow the slope of the existing grade if it less than one foot over 10 feet of run. If it isnt then you may want to adjust the grade. sothat the function of the hard surface is more user friendly. Steps are another option to do deal with any excessive grade issues, but remember to consider what material you will use for them and how you waill deal with the grade that finishes against them.

Never Forget the Drainage

On any level area, drainage wont be too much of an issue, unless you already have drainage problems ie wet soil. If you do need to install drainage, you can either install a perforated pipe in the same grade below your hardscape or a perimeter drain around the outside. But be careful, always run any water away from buildings and foundations, are you could find big issues later on.

Overall natural stone is one of the best materials for patio’s primarily due to its narrow packed joints that allow water to permeate instead of running off. Patio’s also have a very natural, organic look due to their shape and earthy shades of browns, reds, grays and blues. The most common type used for paving patios are sandstone, slate and limestone. Flagstone provides a durable and naturally slip-resistant patio surface that will last for years.

Benefits of a Natural Stone for a Patio:

  • Natural look
  • Durable
  • Can be laid dry for a permeable surface
  • Moss, grass or a hardy ground cover can be grown between the stones
  • Rich color with natural variation

Patio Patterns & Layout

Flagstones can be used to create a formal or informal patio. For a formal look, select cut flagstones and have them laid in a repeating pattern. For an informal look, select irregular flagstones and have them laid randomly. This informal style is often called crazy paving. You can also buy natural stone for paving that has been cut and shaped like pavers, this can create a very informal look, more like pavers in a driveway.