Gardeners & Gardening in Victoria and Vancouver Island, BC

Gardening on Vancouver Island

Our gardeners offer a large selection of gardening services in Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island, so that you can design your beautiful garden just the way you envisioned it. Whether you’re looking for a new garden for your new home or an update to your existing garden.

The Gardening Process

Before our gardeners can undertake any groundbreaking work, we will meet with you, and discuss what you had in mind and how we can work with you to create your dream gardens in Victoria. Vancouver Island, BC

What do our gardeners offer?

We will take measurements and grades of your existing garden, which will enable us to go away with accurate information for putting together a garden design and plan.

Once our garden design and plan is completed, we will meet with you again to discuss how it fits with your vision, and if there are any adjustments you would like to make. Once the final revisions have been made we will draw up a detailed quote, which will allow you to see a detailed breakdown of costs for every aspect of the gardening design. Once this has been finalized and both parties agree then we will discuss when the project will start and the order of gardening events to follow, ie drainage, hardscapes, softscapes etc.

Gardener Safety

Before doing any physical work, we will call all and any Vancouver Island utility companies, so we have a comprehensive plan of any utilities running through your property. Once this has been done we will proceed with the gardening project, keeping your updated  on results and changes as we progress. If there are any major changes and additions, then you will be informed and and cost adjustments will be discussed and agreed before going ahead.

Once the gardening project has been completed, we will give you a detailed walkthrough, explaining all aspects of your new garden and how it functions, ie irrigation, drainage, lighting etc.