Ideas for using rocks in the garden

There are many ideas and ways you can utilize rock in the garden, when it comes to creating or renovating your current design., They range from pond-less water features with core drilled rocks, feature stones to walkways and patios. Below you can see some of the ideas and concepts we have created in peoples yards.

Tiered rock wall for garden beds

Tiered rock wall for garden beds

K.V Granite

When dealing with slopes and grades in the garden, using rock to build walls can help to create level areas for planting and garden beds.

patio with rock in the garden

Garden patio with rock

Columbia River Sage
Flagstone can be a great alternative to concrete or paving stone when looking to make a seating area or walkway. This rock comes in various thicknesses and can also be used as a wall stone
feature rocks in the garden

Feature rocks to accent garden beds

Platinum Quartzite
Feature rocks can be a great accent to plants and flower beds. Available in many shapes and sizes and usually sold by weight. Rocks can also be used as 'street number' rocks by the side of the driveway.
rock seating in the garden

Rock seating for enjoying the garden

K.V Flagstone
When building a raised rock garden bed, save your large flat stones to create an in-wall seat for enjoyment of the bed once complete. Rock seating can be a great feature in itself..
core drilled rock waterfeature for the garden

Core-drilled rock water feature

Basalt columns
More landscape supply stores are offering core-drilled or bubbling rocks for water features. In this picture, we created a reservior under the rock boulders so you can enjoy a pondless themed bubbling rock collection.
rock stepping stone in the garden

Rock stepping stones

Mica Quartz
Sometimes its nice to have a path without the heavy look of concrete or paving stone materials. Flagstone stepping stones winding through a planting bed can offer a nice soft path and allow for a clean walkway as the same time.
decorative rock and garden stone path

Decorative rock and garden stone path

Sunset Gold mica
A flsgtone walkway can be a nice way to break up the unexciting decorative rock driveway. This walkway was going from the stairs by the pool to the changing room on the side of the house. But please use caution, rock pathways can be sharp and unfriendly to bare feet, especially if they are wet!
dry stack rock garden waterfall

Dry-stack rock garden waterfall

Rundle Flagstone
Not every water feature and waterfall has to be big. This waterfall was built using rock that was left over from building a retaining wall in the same courtyard. A small eye catching feature to give the pleasant sound of trickling water while enjoying the outdoors.