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Welcome to our landscape blog, here you can find helpful tips and tricks, news and updates, and things to avoid when landscaping. feel free to contact us if you have a certain relevant topic you would like an article about and we would love to help.

Flower Bed Design - Helpful tips

When it comes to flower bed design, there are a few things to consider before you start digging and moving ground. Size, Design and location, watering. It may also be usefull to call the utility company if you plan on digging in some big trees for safety.....

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Victoria BC - The Garden City

Victoria, BC is probably one of the best cities in British Columbia. Between its temperate, sub-Mediterranean climate and the huge selections of plants to choose from, it makes for a landscapers paradise when it comes to the Garden City.....

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Ideas for using rocks in the garden

ideas for using rock in the garden

There are many ideas and ways you can utilize rock in the garden, when it comes to creating or renovating your current design., They range from pond-less water features with core drilled rocks, feature stones to walkways and patios. Below you can see some of the ideas and concepts we have created in peoples yards.....

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