Turf paradise for your garden lawn - Natural or artificial.


As a landscape company we offer many services, one of which is giving you a turf paradise for your garden lawn. It doesnt matter if your looking for natural turf or artificial grass, we will install your dream lawn.

Artficial or synthetic Turf

Why would i get artificial turf for my lawn?

In todays climate, we are looking to be more and more conservative with water. Artificial turf gives you the perfect green lawn without the watering and with low maintenance. Artificial turf has come along way in the last ten years, and the choices have almost become endless from putting green turf to grass with authentic thatch in it.

Can i have artificial turf, when i have pets?

The answer is yes, The designers of turf have now come up with new products to have turf and pets in the same yard, without the ammonia smell. This allows for the great lawn, happy pets all year round.

Is artificial turf expensive?

Unfortunately the answer to this is yes. The catch to this turf is the cost, while theres very little maintenance and watering, theres alot more installation steps to get this installed correctly.

This is where the cost comes in. Where you save money with real turf, but have to mow, water and maintain it, the money and time you save from that you will spend getting artificial turf installed, But dont get us wrong, it will look amazing and it will pay for its self for many years to come.

Real lawn grass

When it comes to lawn there is no substitute for the feeling of real grass under your feet. But with that feeling comes alot of work...mowing, irrigation, maintenance, etc.That perfect lawn is something we love to install for our homeowners. It is done with a careful combination of the right amount of soil, great irrigation and healthy turf farm products.