Creative Landscape Design in Victoria BC

Creative landscape design in Victoria BC

Enhancing the Design Potential Around your Landscape

When it comes to a design created by Avant Garde, we have an eye for the smallest of details to make your Victoria BC landscape unique and one of a kind.

Creating a landscape design starts with a plan. The first step is to meet and discuss what you are looking for, so we can get a detailed idea of the landscaping you have in mind.

After our initial meeting, we then create computer-generated landscape drawings. Our drawings include the positioning of pathways, driveways, patios, flower beds and retaining walls, this allows us to show you a visual representation of the landscape before we even start building.

By drawing a landscape design, we are able to portray our concept to you, and it also gives us the chance to iron out any detail ‘wrinkles’ and see how everything fits with your budget.

How much does a landscape design cost?

Avant Garde Landscape Design Package start at $400 (and up). This depends on the size of your project and complexity of the design you are looking for. Our consultations usually last around 1.5 – 2.0 hours and are $85. This allows us to get a good idea of what design you have in mind for your new landscape.

What is the Design Process:

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STEP 1: Meeting and Collect Information

Initial Meet &Great

Discuss all angles of your concept, and how we can possibly make it better for you.

Provide proof that we are the right landscaping company for you.

Decide if both parties would like to continue to Step 2.

STEP 2: Create the ideas

Concept Meeting with your hard copy

Consider constraints, requirements, ideas, options and materials

Explain Contract, payment methods and warrenties

Agree a date to start installation

STEP 3: Build the design

Mark out utilities

String out property lines

Installation of concept

Constant communication on progress and any issues as they occur.

STEP 4: Design and Build completion

Making sure the finishing details are completed

Walk through to explain how your new concept works and answer any questions; lighting, irrigation etc

Warranty review

Final invoice

Testimonial Request

With this process, we are able to keep you included every step of the way. By doing this, once we are finished, you have all the knowledge and tools to look after the completed garden yourself. We will give you a detailed walk through of how the irrigation clock and landscape lighting package works, so you can control your new garden at the push of a button.

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Create a Custom and Unique Design for your Landscape.

When you walk around our wonderful city, it is easy to get lost in its natural elements. When we build your concept, we try to not only enhance those elements but also incorporate them into your outdoors. No matter what your requirements are, we strive to cover all your needs. Whether you’re looking for patios and walkways or driveways, shrub beds, outdoor irrigation and lighting trees, water features or pond less core-drilled natural stone rocks, our professional staff have the expertise and experience to create a something that meets your needs of your family and their outdoor requirements.

When it comes to a design created by our landscaping company, we have and eye for the smallest of details to make your landscape unique and one of a kind. Whether its flowers and shrubs for your beds or hardscaping layout, we craft to work seamless around your home. This is all done within the budget that you specify. We also source out the best materials available to give you not only the best instant outdoor space but also one that grows at peak performance. For a concept plan you can rely on and an outdoor living space you’ve only dreamed of, contact our architect team at our Victoria BC office.

Creating great curves without cutting corners

When our staff come in and create a new landscape design for our clients, we pride our selves on building and creating a vision that will last you for years to come. With our knowledge and expertise from years in this industry we are able to install a living space that stands the test of time

Check out our company reviews and testimonials page to find out more from clients that have enjoyed working with our landscaping company to create their new living space

What are the Benefits of professional landscape design from Avant Garde

Year-Round Usage

Getting a great plan provides you with a yard you can enjoy all year round. Whether its annual and perennials to give your yard color, or wood structures to provide shade and keep things cool, lighting to enjoy the outdoors at night, a great drawing from our company can enhance your outdoor possibilites.

Enhanced Curb Appeal and increase the value of your home

If you’re ever looking to sell your residence, then its great piece of mind to know that all the hard work, effort and money you have put into the property is all worthwhile. A great design means you’re more likely to sell you’re home in Victoria BC faster for higher dollar value. As well as this you will also be the homeowner that makes the neighbors jealous when you have the most fabulous yard on the street.

Save Time and Money

Small details can often offer big results over time. Simple adjustments giving the AC shade can increase AC efficiency in the summer as much as 10 percent, while adding trees in key locations can create shade for the home and save even more. When coming up with a planting plan, it can be beneficial to use native plants and shrubs, to reduce watering and fertilizer, which in turn saves time and money. Using paving stone instead of concrete, makes for a better draining surface as well as easier to maintain overtime


Tired of never having any privacy from your local neighbors? Using screens and other key hedging plants will not only keep prying eyes out, but also act as wind break protecting you and other plants from the harsher elements. This also be usefull when trying to keep deer out of your yard also

Environment Friendly

Native plant choices can often result in more nutrient-rich soil and cleaner air for everyone. A well thought out planting plan will also help to increase biodiversity, attracting birds and pollinators to your garden.

Good Drainage, Longevity, and Quality

Protecting your home from rainwater can help too with a good drainage system and ensure your beautiful garden stays the envy of the neighborhood. A good plan will take into account hot only todays useage but also plans for the future by taking into account plants, shrubs and tree growth.