Bringing the living space outside.

This Saanich, BC residence had a beautiful landscape transformation that involved our company tearing out the old deck and lawn, and installing paving stone and flagstone patio’s, Rock walls as well as an outdoor kitchen. This transformation turned the backyard into a fully functional living space for entertaining and relaxing. Another great result for Avant Garde Landscapes.

About Saanich BC

Vancouver Island provides one of the most enjoyable weather in Canada. The District of Saanich, located within the Greater Victoria area in British Columbia, is the most populous municipality in the Capital Regional District and Vancouver Island, according to the 2016 census. 

What makes Saanich, BC, one of the most desirable places to live within the Greater Victoria area? It may be because Saanich retains its rural and agricultural land base and aims to build a community with sustainable and slow long-term growth. Perhaps because Saanich being the largest municipality in the Greater Victoria district, gives its residents a wide variety of living options from dynamic urban neighborhoods to the quiet peace of the rural landscapes. The fact is that, regardless of your lifestyle, one of Saanich, BC’s most attractive features is its Mediterranean climate making it one of the best places to be year-round. 

If you ask any of the lucky residents of this area, one of the best parts of living in Saanich is the possibility of enjoying outdoor living pretty much year-round. The spring brings an incredible explosions of colours and fragrances, while the summers are generally mild with cool nights. The fall will never disappoint the local residents or the lucky visitors; the maples, oaks, cedars, arbutus and firs offer a transformation of the landscape that is never short of spectacular. Lastly, the mild winter, so atypical of Canada, provides cooler days with crisp nights and the enjoyment of the occasional snow fall. 

The combination of the outstanding location, the weather and the scenery of Saanich, BC gives special relevance to investing in a landscape design an installation that will not only maximize the enjoyment and use of your outdoor space, but also will multiply your investment by exponentially increasing the value of your Victoria BC residence. 

A professionally designed outdoor space, will provide you with the opportunity to serve your individual needs and fulfill your dreams while making the best use of the available space and budget.  A professional design and installation company like Avant Garde Landscapes, will have the experience, knowledge and skills to transform your ideas into concrete plans that you will be able to visualize through a detailed drawing that will help you decide every detail until you have the space that you dream of. 

There are many aspects to be considered when you are planning an outdoor space that will be used throughout the year. While in the Spring your backyard may welcome lots of colorful flowering plants, it may also have a dedicated space to grow fruits and vegetables to be enjoyed during the summer and fall as well as a dedicated area to enjoy social gatherings in a hot summer day or a cool winter evening around the fireplace. 

Although living on a beautiful like Saanich, BC has many pros, but living on an island also adds some limitations when it comes to materials. It is very important that when you plan your landscape (hardscape and softscape) you discuss with your contractor the pros and cons of the materials that you wish to use and decide how to make the best of your budget by using local and readily available materials that can be seen on site, replaced, and returned easily if needed.