Victoria, BC - The Garden City

When it comes to gardens, Victoria, BC is probably one of the best cities in British Columbia. Between its temperate, sub-Mediterranean climate and the huge selections of plants to choose from, it makes for a landscapers paradise when it comes to the Garden City. There is very little winter in comparison to the rest of Canada, which opens you up to enjoying the outdoors all year round. Given, there is more rain here than anywhere else but that isnt always a bad thing for growing in the garden.

If your looking for inspiration for your garden and the nurseries arent providing you with enough incite, then perhaps one of the several tourist atraction garden displays may help. From Butchart Gardens to Abkhazi Garden and even Hatley PArk gardens. Victoria is also lucky enough to have the 44 hectare Horticultural centre of the Pacific, which is also very enjoyable

If the trees, plants and shrubs arent enough to take your breath away then maybe the birds, bees and butterflies that keep the place humming will amaze you.

The 1400 downtown flower baskets in Victoria are also quite spectacular, as you walk around, making your visit quite enjoyable and fragrant.